Step towards life

100-Best-Life-Status-for-Whatsapp-in-English-03.jpg When contempt breaks open your heart
imagine how it will never depart
Your soul
Never leave you alone
‘en when smiling you lie
And lie about your smile
Just know that sorrowful cheers the restless
Smile is a woe to some, for some bliss
And when for the best the silent creak groans louder
And all the life form big and small
And all the while when they cry,
sleep pray and make their way
Through their wrought lives
And you lie with your smile thinking
Whilst the smile on these creatures are willful or not
And does sin only come from your heart
Is it a lost concept
Is it a way of life
Or is it just human
To kill and Lie
Now as you lay there with your smile fading away
A grin fading away
And a face of a wiser man is unveiled
You think of all the times it would have
And you could have and when you should have
Not anymore you’re wiser at heart
And better in your soul
You are ready, ready for it all
Now the quest for the best has begun
You took a step now its my turn to take one

:Pranay Upreti(1deadpoetsoul)

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